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Schlabst Grilled Cheese

Update: I WON! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Update: You can now vote for the Schlabst Grilled Cheese here. You will have to ‘Like’ (if you aren’t already) then you can ‘Like’ my grilled cheese. Thank you!

I would never consider myself a foodie but when I saw an opportunity to create my own grilled cheese and enter it into The DudeFoods Ultimate Grilled Cheese Contest I jumped at the chance.

Using my love of beer I came up with the Schlabst Grilled Cheese. Consisting of Pabst Grilled Cheese and Schlitz Cheese Soup. I baked beer cheese bread with Pabst and made the beer cheese soup with Schiltz; washing it down with a Schlabst (Milwaukee’s Black & Tan).

Pabst Cheese Bread
Pabst beer, dill, Sargento Sharp Cheddar. I didn’t have the proper bread pan so the bread came out rather skinny but that actually worked out in my favor and made great for dipping. Pictured: the bread cooling.

Schlitz Cheese Soup
Schlitz beer, Sargento Sharp Cheddar, an 8 year aged cheddar, carrots, celery, onion, dijon mustard, cayenne pepper, hot sauce, butter, half & half, and various spices. Pictured: beer mix before cheese is added.

Schlabst Grilled Cheese
Pabst Cheese Bread, cheddar, pepper jack cheeses and butter lots of butter. The bread was a touch fragile but still made for great grilled cheeses. Well more like finger sandwiches.

Schlabst Beer
A true Schlabst is a Schlitz “Tall Boy” and a 16oz Pabst. Pour in a pint glass (or larger) with the Schlitz being on the bottom. Available at Leff’s Lucky Town.

Dip, Eat, Sip, Repeat
What goes best with grilled cheese, tomato soup? I say more cheese & beer! I take the finger-style grilled cheese and dip it into the beer cheese soup. The bread maintains its crunchy deliciousness and the cheese its gooey scrumptiousness. Think about the cheese & beer party happening in my mouth — my taste buds are riding unicorns. In comes a splash of Schlabst and my taste buds riding unicorns are sliding down a rainbow of delicious. The more I dip the more the vegetables come visible and make for a great dessert.

Tapping Into Social Media

Recently I was given the opportunity to speak at the Tavern League of Wisconsin’s 2011 Spring Convention. This was intended to be an introductory seminar into social media for tavern owners. I first title it ‘Untapping Social Media’ but since have changed it to ‘Tapping Into Social Media’. Please let know your thoughts by leaving a comment.